Tips to prepare for your next hike

Hiking is among the best outdoor activities that can be both fun and exciting in the company of friends and family. But it’s one of those trips that require proper planning, and could be frustrating otherwise.

Hiking involves walking uphill and downhill on unpredictable terrains. It is not like walking on a treadmill with high elevation. It can be hard on the body, considering all the extra items you will have to carry in a backpack. However, everything can go very smoothly if you consider these tips.

Research the Area First

When planning for your trip, look into different hiking trails. Many different trails are excellent for hiking, but they are designed for people with differing fitness levels.

It is best to choose a hike that is shorter than the distance you can easily walk on a paved surface, and to select a trail that doesn’t involve steeper elevations and challenging terrain that you aren’t prepared for. Consider taking a look at the exact path of the hike. Find a few maps of the area and review reports to get a better understanding of the track.

Check the Weather Forecast

Consider the weather conditions when planning your hike. Figure out the kind of clothing you should be wearing. It will also help you decide if there is a need to take any extras along.

Remember that although it may be hot during the day, it can get chilly when the sun goes down. Pack a spare shirt and an extra layer.

Happy Feet Means a Happy Hike

Feet are the most worked part of your body during a hike, and your trip can be ruined if they start aching in the middle of your trek.

Invest in high-quality hiking shoes; make it as comfortable for your feet as possible. High quality shoes usually have a lot of cushioning, and it would be best if they were light-weight. And don’t think just about shoes, but consider quality socks. Cushioning and warmth are important.

Wearing the wrong type of socks and shoes can lead to blisters, rashes, and a world of pain.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

Being out all day hiking under the sun can be very trying on the body. Make sure to pack all essential items for your trip.
Along with the basics, have emergency supplies in your bag. If you are having trouble figuring out what is needed, consider this list of items below.

1. Navigation. You will need to have maps. Make sure your mobile’s GPS system is working.

2. UV protection. Have good quality sunglasses and sunscreen.

3. Food. Pack an adequate amount of food, including protein bars.

4. Liquids. Have plenty of water and some sports drinks.

5. Emergency first-aid supplies

6. Flashlights

7. Lighters, candles, and waterproof matches

8. Small repair kits

9. Extra clothing

Leave It the Way You Found It

Many people go on hiking trips in public areas all year long. They want to see beautiful landscapes and have fun with their family members or friends.

But some hikers pollute the land, slowly destroying the beauty of nature. Make sure not to ruin any plants or harm any animals on your journey. Leave no trash lying around as well. Bring it all out with you, or as they say, “pack it in, pack it out.”

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