Nine Easy Tips to Stay Safe While Hiking

For every trip into nature, you need to be prepared. Whether it is a one-mile hike with the family or a solo trip where you cover more than 20 miles in a day, being prepared is the difference between a great day and a really bad one. Experienced hikers will say to always bring the 10 essentials, and for long treks you should do this.

However, for extremely short day hikes, lugging around the 10 essentials will feel like overkill. Instead, think through your trip, and be sure you have everything you need in case of an injury or if you were to get lost. No matter the distance, at the very least you should always have a first aid kit of some sort, extra food, extra water, a map of the region and the knowledge to read it. You also should bring extra clothes in case it rains, snows or gets very hot.

Now, since so many have asked, here are nine tips to stay safe and be prepared while adventuring outdoors. We encourage you all to read this, follow it and share it with all hikers you know, especially those new to the hobby. That way our Search and Rescue friends will be able to focus on serious injuries high on the mountains, and our families will know we are being responsible and safe.

There are more ways to stay safe on trails than listed at this article, but if you follow these tips, you should be able to have an enjoyable adventure in the wilderness. Remember that it is your responsibility to be safe and smart on the trails.

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