Hikers share tips on keeping valuables safe while on the trail

Break-ins at popular hiking trails have hikers sending out warnings to their fellow outdoor enthusiasts. They want to make sure that everyone hiking is leaving their valuables at home because sometimes locking them in the car isn’t good enough.

A fun outing can turn into a bad trip if your car gets targeted because of something you left behind. “I always keep everything in my bag and I always keep my bag on me or within my sight,” said one hiker.

Another hiker knows her stuff isn’t always safe even when locked in a car. “I have had friends who have had issues when they have gone hiking, their car getting broken into and things getting stolen,” she said.

She has decided to leave her valuables at home and anything she does bring along, she carries on her. “My phone just because I’ve fallen a few times while hiking. That’s really it, my phone and my keys that’s what I bring with me usually.”

The Green Mountain Club advises hikers who go out this time of year to watch out for fallen leaves as they can hide tripping hazards and be slippery. They also suggest bringing a headlamp because days are getting shorter. And because temperatures are cooling down, they say to bring an extra jacket and hat and gloves for those windy summits.

Officials say if it’s possible, try not to hike alone. If you do go it alone, be sure to tell someone where you plan to be so they know where you are.



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