Trevor “Fronkey” Rasmussen Reneges on Kickstarter Campaign Leaving Sponsors in the Lurch

In spring and summer 2014 Trevor Rasmussen, known also by his trail name Fronkey, used the crowdfunding resource Kickstarter to finance his thru hike of the Pacific Northwest Trail, and to pay for production of a documentary film detailing his adventures. 130 contributors donated a total of $5,262 to his project.

The original Kickstarter requirement was only $1,700, so Rasmussen used the extra contributions to improve his camera equipment inventory, ostensibly to enhance the production quality of the documentary film. In the summer of 2014 Rasmussen and his dog Tala completed the 1,200 mile journey from Glacier National Park in Montana to the most western point of the United States along the Washington coast.

Rasmussen’s Kickstarter pledge was to have his film available to his supporters in April 2015. That time came and went, with no updates from Rasmussen on the status of the project. Spring 2015 passed. Summer 2015 passed. Still no film, and still no communication from Rasmussen to his backers about the status of the project.

The Kickstarter Support team was contacted in October 2015 to make them aware of the negligence exhibited by Rasmussen with this particular project. The support team reached out to Rasmussen and offered their assistance in nudging the project along, and encouraged him to communicate with his sponsors. That has not happened. Still total silence from Rasmussen.

Inquiries via the Kickstarter comments page have gone unanswered. Inquiries on Facebook have been met from Rasmussen by blocking the accounts of those inquiring. Simply put, Rasmussen has chosen to ignore any communications about his Kickstarter project, and leave those who donated their money in the lurch.

It’s a shame too. It leaves a bad taste in the mouths of those 130 who trusted him. It was a tremendous opportunity to give recognition to the beautiful Pacific Northwest Trail and those pioneers like Ron Strickland and Jon Knechtel who made it happen. For those who believe in the system of crowdfunding by fine organizations like Kickstarter, it has been more of a kick in the teeth. Unfortunately, Rasmussen’s inaction makes people less likely to contribute to worthy Kickstarter campaigns in the future. Once burned, twice shy, and all that.

It’s still not too late for Rasmussen to honor his commitment. If anyone reading this happens to know Trevor Rasmussen, I would encourage you to reach out to him and tell him that there are folks out here that are still interested in his project. Just tell him, better late than never.


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