Introducing the Firebiner, Now Live on Kickstarter

We all love a good carabiner. We use them to clip our keys, our camera, our water bottle, or a myriad of other products to our backpacks, to shelves, to fences, to belt loops or to whatever we need at the moment.

You want your carabiner to be strong, lightweight and maybe have some other functionality like a bottle opener. The Firebiner is all that PLUS it has the ability to make fire easily with EverSpark technology. It has a titanium-coated stainless steel body construction rated for up to 50 pounds of gear (not for climbing or hanging anything with a beating heart). And, don’t forget the small utility blade. It is even designed in a screwdriver tip for the next round of prototypes.

Here are some of the Firebiner special features:

•Very strong stainless steel construction with a up to 50 lbs capacity
•Extremely durable titanium coating
•Lightweight, only 1 oz
•EverSpark spark wheel technology to help start fires easily
•Replaceable ferro rod, with extra rods
•Utility/safety blade to easily cut paracord, fishing line, string and much more – stainless steel, replaceable
•Bottle opener, for refreshment time
•Hang slots to connect keys or anything else with an appropriate ring or clasp
•Strong, thin, stainless steel wire gate that stays closed but is easy to open when needed
•Screw-driver tip to be added on next round of prototypes
•Meets TSA requirements for airline travel
•3 colors: Black, Gold & Blue

The Firebiner is now live on Kickstarter. Some prototypes were taken to the Outdoor Retailer Show this August and received incredible reviews and a ton of support. This is true innovation on the trusted carabiner.


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