Tips to stay safe while hiking in the mountains

Hiking can also be dangerous and occasionally deadly if not properly prepared, especially in the mountains. The weather can change at a moment’s notice or you can fall and hurt yourself. That’s why it’s vitally important to be prepared for anything, even when out on a short hike.

A map and compass are just two of the ten essentials for safe hiking. Other items include extra water and a first aid kit.

If you get lost or become injured and cannot move, a personal locator beacon uses satellites and GPS to send an emergency message to search and rescue crews even in remote locations with no cell phone service.

Simple technology such as a flashlight and whistle can also be life-saving tools. If you have a whistle, blow the whistle. Three short bursts close together, that’s the universal SOS.

There’s no reason to fear if you stick to a strategy. Make a plan before you go, and stick to it. Always let someone know where you plan to hike and what time you expect to return home so then can contact emergency authorities.



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