Tips help you stay safe when hiking near where rattlesnakes live

Rattlesnakes and hiking go hand-in-hand. But the more you know about them, the safer you will be. From timber rattlers high in mountain meadows to western diamondbacks in the deserts, you will find rattlesnakes.

Proper clothing is a must when hiking near where rattlesnakes live.

  • Wear closed toe shoes
  • Wear long pants
  • Staying on trail is key to avoiding a rattlesnake

Scientists and doctors say you can throw away that snake bite kit because it simply does not work.

What you can do is contact local hospitals near your hiking area and find out if they stock the rattlesnake anti-venom. Most hospitals do not stock that medicine.

The same goes for your dog as well. Contact a local veterinarian and see if he or she carries the anti-venom. More veterinarians will carry the anti-venom as snake bites on dogs are much more common.

If you are like Indiana Jones and hate snakes, here is a little perspective that might put you at ease. Only 20 people died from snake bites in the entire country last year. You have a five times better chance of being hit and killed by a school bus.



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