The Hiker’s Guide to Trail Etiquette

  It might feel like there aren’t any rules out in the great outdoors, but there are certainly guidelines you should follow. Whether you’re new to hiking or always been confused about the do’s and don’ts of the trail, this guide will clear things up.

Hiking uphill is harder than hiking downhill most of the time. And when people hike uphill, they tend to have a smaller field of view because they’re usually looking down at their footing. That’s why it’s important you give hikers on their way up a slope the right of way.

Generally speaking, mountain bikers should yield to all hikers. If there are horses on the trail, everyone should yield to them.

If a trail is narrow (most are), hike single-file. However, if a trail is much wider and you can leave room for people to pass, it’s alright to hike next to each other.

For safety, have the slowest or most inexperienced hiker lead. That way if they have to stop, the whole group can stop together.

People go hiking for exercise, but also to get in touch with nature and it’s many peaceful sounds. Nobody cares what your latest jam is—we want to hear birds, and water, and wind through the trees.

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