May Day Flowering at Pisgah National Forest – A Photo Essay

What better way to spend May Day than wildflower hunting on Pisgah National Forest? We always think of the national park in the Smokies as being the go-to destination for Spring wildflowers in Western North Carolina. However, Pisgah National Forest is right up there. As you will see from the gallery below, there is quite the wide variety.

I picked two destinations in the Pisgah Ranger District: Daniel Ridge Trail following the Daniel Ridge Creek, and the Andy Cove Nature Trail at the district Visitor Center. I was not disappointed at either location. I packed a lunch and sat on a log by a waterfall on the creek to partake.

The key in your search is to keep your eye at ground level. Most of the spring ephemerals are small, and low to the ground. Some even like to hide under the leaves of other plants. There’s no need to be in a hurry. You’re likely to miss some of the best finds as you scurry on by.

I found a couple flowers that were new to me including lyreleaf sage and ground ivy. It seems each time I go wildflower hunting I am rewarded with a new treat. Enjoy the photo gallery from my adventure, and let me know which flowers you too have found in Pisgah National Forest.



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