Earliest Spring Wildflowers at Little Bradley Falls – A Photo Essay

Some of the earliest wildflowers of the new season can be found on the Green River Game Lands near the North and South Carolina border. The elevation isn’t quite as high here as it is in most of the mountains of WNC, so the flowers get a little bit of a head start. Look for chickweed, rue anenome, wake robin trillium, blue and Canadian violets, robins plantain and lots of bloodroot. Several more varieties will follow in succeeding weeks, but these are the first to pop out and display their finery.

I hiked the Little Bradley Trail the afternoon of March 24, 2017. It was perfect hiking weather on a low humidity day around sixty degrees. It was also ideal for picture taking of Little Bradley Falls with a heavy overcast enabling longer exposures.

The water level in Cove Creek is still very low, especially compared to previous visits I have made there. It is readily apparent that drought conditions still exist in Western NC, so if you’re out camping please be very careful with fire.

Come along with me on this photo tour of what you can expect at Green River Game Lands in late March.



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