Easy ways to improve your safety while hiking

Two recent deaths on Katahdin, Maine’s tallest mountain, have stirred conversation about hiking safety, raising questions like: “What kind of safety gear should you carry besides water, snacks and a headlamp?”

First of all, accidents happen, and sometimes they’re entirely out of our hands. On occasion, the most prepared hiker can become injured or worse. But there are many ways you can reduce risks while hiking.

Hiking safety is important to think about year round, but some aspects of it become even more important in the fall and winter, when days are shorter and the weather conditions are much harsher.

Before you hit the road — let alone the trail — learn as much as you can about your future hike. Study the trail map and read descriptions of the hike, like those here at Meanderthals. Check the weather report, as well as the time of sunrise and sunset.

Here are a few easy ways you can improve your safety while exploring trails.


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