Walk this way: Carolina Thread Trail

  If you’re getting bored from spending too much time at home and need a change of scenery, outdoor exercise is permitted under North Carolina and South Carolina COVID-19 community safety guidelines.

If you’re ready to get in some steps, go for a hike or just connect with nature, here is just the thing for you: The Carolina Thread Trail.

The thread trail, a regional network of connected greenways, trails and blueways that generally surround Charlotte, features more than 260 miles of trails and 170 miles of blueway.

With the trails stretching through 15 counties, it can be hard to decide where to go first. Thankfully, there’s an interactive map available online so you can plot your course of action.

The map also includes helpful details about each trail, such as if it’s suitable for walking, hiking, biking or running, whether it’s paved, the length of the trail and the difficulty level.



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