Google Trekker uses street view imagery for Big Sur, Point Lobos hiking trails

Google unveiled panoramic imagery and mapping that was collected by Google Trekkers who hiked some of California’s state parks this summer. The initial launch included imagery of 10 state parks, Point Lobos State Reserve, three state beaches, and more than 25 hiking trails, many of which are in Big Sur.

The Mountain View-based company took the technology of its popular Street View car camera system and fit it into a backpack that a hiker can wear. The funky looking backpack takes thousands of still photos as a hiker walks up a trail.

Images that Google Trekker collected allow online viewers from all over the world to virtually travel along trails and beaches via their computers or mobile devices in a 360-degree angle.

Google partnered with the California State Parks Department for their latest mapping project. This week’s unveiling is part of an ongoing project that will eventually cover more state parks across California.

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