10 Things People Do On Hiking Trails That Park Ranger Can’t Stand

When preparing to go on a hike, there are a lot of things to think about. You want to make sure you are prepared with supplies and that you know the area well enough. You also have to consider how difficult the hike will be and how long it will take. While these are all important things to think about, it’s also important to keep in mind how you act when on the trail. There are some things that hikers do that are rude as well as harmful to the environment.

Overall, be considerate and remember to read any signs that are posted and follow the rules. People who ignore signs can get themselves into a lot of trouble.

They could find themselves in a dangerous area or too close to wild animals. Not reading and listening to the instructions on the signs while on a hike can lead to a lot of trouble for the park rangers (and you).

When on a hike, it’s important to respect and understand the animals around you. Remember that this is their home, and you are visiting. Some wildlife, even those that you might not think are dangerous, can hurt you if they feel threatened.

These are things that park rangers can’t stand and wish that visitors would avoid doing…


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