Give thanks, and be kind out on the trail

Often we’re so focused on our own hike that we miss out on opportunities to just be nice.

For instance, when hiking, if you see trash that has fallen out of someone’s pack (water bottles, wrappers), take a minute to stop and pick it up. What you’re doing will mean the next person along doesn’t have to stop.

When you’re hiking and you pass others on the trail, take a moment to say “hi” or “thank you” if people have moved over. It might seem like a little thing, but we’re all out there together and acknowledging that can make a big difference. A smile goes a long way too.

Take a bit of time to encourage others. If you’re walking a tough section of trail and see another hiker, maybe give a “nice job!” comment as they go by. We all love it when people compliment us on our achievements.

Thank your trail crews if you see them out working. They are a large part of the reason we have great trails to hike.

If nothing else, just remember to treat others as you like to be treated. Strike up a conversation, let faster hikers pass, say “thank you” and help us all be the best trail stewards we can be.



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