Eight colorful hikes to celebrate National Wildflower Week

Warmer mornings and longer evenings are telltale signs that spring is in the air, bringing with it an array of colorful explosions, as wildflowers cover hillsides and prairies with bright blooms.

The first full week of May is set aside as National Wildflower Week, the official recognition of our country’s floral bounty. Sure, you could admire the blossoms from a distance, but why not celebrate by lacing up your hiking boots and getting right into the thick of things?

You’ll find hikes of varying lengths and on differing terrains — but all follow trails rich with wildflowers during peak viewing season. Just be sure to adhere to “Leave No Trace” principals.

In addition to returning with everything you brought in, that means staying on the trail at all times and not picking or trampling any flowers.

Use the hashtag #NoFlowersWereHarmed when posting to social media to encourage others to follow those guidelines as well.

See the beautiful trails…


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