A Triple Crowner’s Advice for Following Through on Your Hiking Goals

It’s January of a new decade and ’tis the season for ambitious lists, goals, and vision boards for the coming year—adventurous ambitions hopefully among them.

We set goals to push toward better versions of ourselves. Maybe it’s a peakbagging list, or getting more miles under those trail shoes so day hikes don’t end so painfully. Or maybe it’s finishing your first (or next) thru-hike or backpacking trip. Whatever it is, these projects can take a lot of preparation and energy to move forward. Often they suck up every ounce of your free time (and possibly savings account) in order to find accomplishment.

The hardest part of it all? Actually following through. Getting what it is you’re after. Because chances are, you don’t really know what that is yet.

There’s no doubt that challenges will get between you and your goals, questioning motivations, and forcing you to dig deep. It’s cute at the beginning of these journeys when everyone thinks they’re perfectly capable of keeping themselves directly on course. But challenges can wear you down. The tasks and logistics surrounding these goals can be intimidating, and the physical nature of seeing it through can open up all these other parts to yourself you didn’t know existed.

So, here is how to get yourself to the other side of your goals…


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