Haunted hikes in Maine for spooky fun this Halloween

The state of Maine has long been known as a place of ghost stories and otherworldly happenings.

Perhaps it’s the landscape that inspires such tales. What makes the state beautiful — it’s jagged coastline, fog-socked harbors, mossy woods and old quaint towns — can also appear spooky and ethereal.

Or maybe — just maybe — Maine truly is a hotspot for the supernatural.

Whatever the reason, Maine is home to some of the nation’s oldest and most elaborate ghost tales, as well as host of modern spectres. Most of these stories take place in old homes, inns and theaters. But there are a few ghosts that prefer to haunt Maine’s great outdoors.

So for those who would like to mix recreation with spectral lore, here are a few haunted Maine trails that you can visit this Halloween season, in the spirit of all that goes bump in the night.


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