Easier mountain hikes in Maine

You don’t always have to huff and puff for miles to reach a great view from the top of a mountain. In Maine, there are plenty of short hikes up small mountains and hills to vistas that may take you by surprise.

There are all sorts of reasons you might be drawn to these shorter mountain hikes. Maybe you’re trying to introduce a kid to hiking. Maybe you’re just a beginner hiker yourself. Or maybe, for whatever reason, you just aren’t cut out for the big mountains anymore.

Hiking doesn’t have to be this big daylong undertaking, especially in Maine, where there are hundreds of easy to moderately challenging trails to enjoy. Some of these trails explore small mountains and hills that offer great views.

(Think easy to moderately difficult. You won’t see Katahdin on this list, but you will find a smaller mountain that offers an amazing view of Katahdin!)

Whatever your reason for hiking small mountains — and believe me, you don’t actually need a reason — here are a few Maine trails you might enjoy…


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