Hiking Mount Tabor: The best way to explore Portland’s urban volcano

For Portlanders, “getaway” might be a bit of a stretch when it comes to Mount Tabor, but whether you live around the city or are touring it for the first time, the scenic city park is a perfect place to get away from the urban environment – without really leaving it at all.

Built atop an old volcanic cinder cone, Mount Tabor is beloved by runners, walkers, cyclists, stroller-pushers, hikers and even soap box racers. Paved roads, staircases and trails form a network of pathways throughout the park, weaving through a forest of tall firs and wide open meadows.

Finding your way to the top is as easy as wandering uphill, but for those who want some guidance there are three official hiking loops: the Red Trail, Green Trail and Blue Trail – all starting and ending at the kiosk by the main parking area in the northwest corner of the park. The Red and Green trails offer shorter, easier walks, but if you’re able to climb hills and stairs, you can’t beat the 3-mile Blue Trail loop, which offers a comprehensive tour of scenic Mount Tabor.

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