It’s Worth the Trip: Land trusts provide great hiking sites

Land trusts are the underrated stars of Maine’s outdoor landscape. Nearly 90 nonprofit land trust organizations dot the state, from Kittery to Aroostook County. While state and national parks are much more visible and widely promoted, the network of land trusts holds some of Maine’s best hiking.

This panoply of land trusts is aided greatly by the Maine Land Trust Network, a program of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust that was founded in 1995. The organization brings together members of the dozens of Maine land trusts to share information, collaborate and craft programs, services and resources to better all the trusts.

As a hiker on the outside looking in, the MLTN is most useful as a hub of information about Maine’s trusts. The organization’s website – – lists all of Maine’s land trusts alphabetically or by county, and offers a keyword search to find features or locations. From there you can find everything you need to know about outdoor sites.

Finding a list of nearly 90 trusts too overwhelming?

Here are some top picks…


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