World’s most dangerous walkway reopens after 15 years

One of the world’s most dangerous hiking trails is open for business after being closed for 15 years.

The El Caminito del Rey trail, also known as King’s Little Pathway, is a 5-mile-long path in Spain that takes four to five hours to complete. The trek was as beautiful as it was dangerous until officials closed it in 2000 after too many travelers began falling to their deaths.

Local authorities shut it down and destroyed the entry points. Anyone caught trespassing received a hefty fine of $6,500, but that only encouraged daredevils to sneak in and post videos of their excursions on YouTube.

Eventually, the government decided to rebuild it and make it safer to attract tourists. Officials reopened the trail this week after it underwent $2.5 million worth of renovations.

It takes hikers through steep gorges on thin boardwalks. The project’s director said that even though it might not be the scariest hike in the world anymore, it still offers stunning views and exciting paths that you can live to tell about.



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