Spain Vacation: Fascinating Hiking Trails in Cuenca Province

When visiting Spain on vacation, there are a multitude of fascinating hiking trails available throughout the country, but some of the most unusual and beautiful trails and landscapes can be found in the province of Cuenca in central Spain. Some of these landscapes, however, are not completely natural, as in the case of the “Ruta de las Caras” or Route of the Faces, located next to the dam at Buendía.

This hiking path is unlike any other in the world. Along the path, sculpted into the rock itself and dotted throughout the landscape, is a collection of 18 bas-reliefs or carved faces, the creation of several artists, working in combination. Unlike a walk through a stuffy art gallery or museum, this work is displayed perfectly in the fresh air and surrounding scenery.

Carved into the natural sandstone, each face is unique, and in size they range from a mere one foot to a full eight feet in height. Every sculpture has a either a religious or a mystical meaning behind it and the artists were apparently inspired by Pharaonic Egypt and the cultures of the pre-Columbian age.

Videos of three hikes in Central Spain…


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