Volunteers remove tons of trash from Arizona National Forest land

Arizona’s Natural Restorations remove trash, graffiti and anything foreign to the environment from natural areas throughout the state. They have a passion for nature and believe outdoor restoration and education ensures everyone will be able to enjoy the outdoors for generations to come. They approach every project with a commitment to long-term change and making lasting impacts in communities across the state. Natural Restorations has removed more than 116 tons of trash from Arizona national forest land so far in 2017.

Natural Restorations hosts several volunteer cleanup events each year and in February 2017, they launched a Dedicated Restoration Team working throughout the year to restore areas around the state that see continual dumping, areas too remote for volunteers, areas that are spread out over more than a few miles, and natural areas with graffiti. Through their Dedicated Restoration Team, they provide contract work opportunities, when available, to veterans.

In addition to site restorations, Natural Restorations is dedicated to educating youth and adults on the importance of caring for and restoring natural areas. They provide hands-on activities that encourage environmental stewardship, volunteerism and team building for youth, families, and communities across the state of Arizona.

A recent cleanup project along the Arizona Trail and the areas surrounding the trail on Sunday, September 10th, was a huge success. 52 volunteers, including 30 volunteers under the age of 18 years old, helped remove 5,420 pounds of trash from the area. That’s 2.71 tons of trash that is no longer littering our National Forest lands.

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