National Forest fields 200,000 comments on Grand Canyon project

The Kaibab National Forest is sifting through more than 200,000 public comments that are mostly against an easement through the town of Tusayan that would help make a development near the Grand Canyon possible.

Stilo Development Group USA wants to build homes, retail shops, hotels, and cultural centers in the area. The easement would allow utilities to be installed and improved along roads managed by the Forest Service.

Kaibab spokeswoman Jackie Banks said the scope of a review of environmental impacts will be determined later this month, partially directed by the public comments.

Supporters of the project were in the minority. Long-time Tusayan resident John Dillon said in his letter to the forest service that the developer has reasonable access to its holdings, but that the environmental impacts study should be thorough.

“A full EIS will provide the greatest environmental protection to the Kaibab National Forest and Grand Canyon National Park,” he wrote. “It will also help to provide real and current answers to all the questions that have yet to be satisfactorily addressed by both the Town of Tusayan and the developer.”

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