The Best Winter Hiking Boots for Men and Women

In the past, once chilly temperatures and snowy days started to arrive, hikers used to pack up until spring came along. But now that hiking gear is warmer and more weatherproof than ever, they can enjoy the Great Outdoors year-round.

If you plan on immersing yourself in nature this season, there are a few items that you should invest in prior to hitting the trails. In addition to an ultra-warm coat or jacket, you’ll also need to have a top-notch pair of winter hiking boots on hand. The perfect pair will not only keep your feet warm and toasty, but they should also help protect them from the elements.

Nothing can ruin a hike faster than the wrong shoes, so if you’re planning a route through an area that typically has a lot of snow on the ground this time of year, you should opt for a pair of hiking boots that are waterproof to stop the moisture from seeping into your shoe. Meanwhile, those walking through icy terrains should invest in a pair that offers ample traction.

To help you avoid dealing with frozen toes and painful blisters, Travel + Leisure Magazine turned to customer reviews to see which hiking boots they say kept their feet warm, comfortable, and supported through a full day of hiking in snow and slush.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of super warm women’s hiking boots or an ultra-rugged men’s style, these are the 14 pairs of winter hiking boots that shoppers say are the best of the best.

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