North Carolina climate plan released

After 11 months of stakeholder engagement and collaborative work, the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality has submitted the N.C. Climate Risk Assessment and Resilience Plan to Gov. Roy Cooper.

The plan was required by Cooper’s Executive Order 80 and is the state’s most comprehensive effort to date. Based on science and stakeholder input, it aims to address North Carolina’s vulnerability to climate change.

“Climate change impacts the health, safety and financial stability of North Carolinians, and we must take it head-on. A resilient North Carolina is a stronger and more competitive North Carolina,” said Cooper.

This plan is a framework to guide state action, engage policy-makers and stakeholders, facilitate collaboration across the state, focus the state’s attention on climate resilience actions and address underlying stressors such as the changing climate, aging infrastructure, socio-economic disparities and competing development priorities.

The plan includes information on projected change in the climate, climate justice impacts, state infrastructure, assets, programs and services that are vulnerable to climate and non-climate stressors, current actions and recommendations for nature-based solutions to enhance ecosystem resiliency and sequester carbon.

The plan is available at


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