The Best Hiking Baby Carriers, According To Family Adventure Experts

Hiking with little kids comes with all sorts of extras — extra planning, extra snacks and extra whining. But the joys of exploring the great outdoors with children, and the shared triumph of making it to the top of the hill, finding that hidden waterfall, or scoping out cool bugs along the path, is worth the extra hassle.

To make the trek more enjoyable, invest in a hiking baby backpack to carry along your pre-walking baby or tuckered out toddler.

There are dozens of hiking baby carriers on the market, from the basic, soft baby carriers that work well with the one and under crowd, to larger, sturdier (and typically pricier) frame carriers.

The latter option usually offers more storage and can accommodate kids between one and four — give or take depending on the carrier and the kiddo — but also comes with additional pack weight.

When choosing the best hiking baby carrier or backpack for your family’s needs, keep in mind that “best” can be subjective. To point your search in the right direction, check in with several experts in the field. Below are their picks for the best baby carrier, for hiking around town and down the path less traveled.

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