Representatives Case, Gabbard pursue first National Forest for Hawaii

U.S. Representatives Ed Case and Tulsi Gabbard jointly introduced in the U.S. House H.R. 7045, a measure to pursue creation of Hawaii’s first-ever National Forest.

The National Forest System comprises 154 national forests, 20 national grasslands and several other federal land designations containing 193 million acres. Its mission is to conserve land for a variety of uses to include watershed management, research, cultural site preservation, wildlife habitat management and research and outdoor recreation.

Case and Gabbard said “Our Hawaii National Forest Study Act would identify parcels of land that could later be incorporated into a National Forest that would fulfill the National Forest System’s mission. It would also help inventory how best to conserve and expand Hawaii‘s native koa, ohia and sandalwood forests. They can be conserved and expanded to lay the groundwork for establishment of a National Forest. This designation would also assist with federal resources for management and protection.“

Both members say Kaena Point, largely state-owned, is the perfect candidate for Hawaii’s first National Heritage Area given its truly unique cultural, historic and environmental heritage and qualities.



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