This well-dressed trio serves free drinks on hiking trails, bringing joy to hikers

Talk about your fancy trail magic.

What if someone was magically able to greet you with a refreshing beverage at the end of a strenuous hike? It’s not something you see every day. But that’s what David Weber, Jack Petros and Dylan Skolnik do. They formed the Summit Sippers, and even they say the concept is absurd.

Dressed in suspenders, and even top hats, the well-dressed trio sets up a table to hand out drinks to hikers, whether on top of a cliff, next to a waterfall or even in the snowy rocks of Yosemite.

“The reaction is what we do it for. The shock value is amazing, seeing people laugh is incredible,” said Weber, of the reaction they get from hikers.

The Summit Sippers bring their enticing drink menus to some incredible places. Skolnik says their signature is watermelon juice, club soda, lime and fresh mint.

“The look on these hikers faces when we hand them a beverage, priceless,” Skolnik said. It is quite priceless. And free.

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