Hiking opportunities abound at Georgia’s state parks

It’s a new year, and if being more active is on your list of 2020 resolutions, there is one way you could hit that goal: head out to nearby Georgia state parks for some hikes in the great outdoors.

There are state-run parks and historic sites all across Georgia that offer everything from scenic vistas to insight into the state’s past. These parks offer plenty of opportunities for people looking to work more fitness into their lives to lace up their sneakers and hit some trails.

For example, located just 40 miles north of Lawrenceville on the north end of Lake Lanier in Hall County, Don Carter State Park offers 12.5 miles of multi-use trails that can be used for either hiking or bicycling. It also has cabins on hillsides close to the lake as well as “primitive” campgrounds and RV campgrounds for hikers who want to spend the night.

Or, Victoria Bryant State Park is just 12 miles off Interstate 85 in Franklin County. It features a short nature trail as well as a longer perimeter trail for hikers to take advantage of. State officials also highlight a stream that flows through the park as “the perfect setting for an after-picnic stroll.”

Officials with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources suggested these other options as well…


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