The first woman to walk all 21,500 km of the Trans-Canada Trail

After two years, 21,500 kilometers and hundreds of pictures, Sarah Jackson has finally made it from Victoria, B.C. to St. John’s, Newfoundland by walking the Trans-Canada Trail. She’s one of a small handful who have decided to tackle the whole length and the only woman to complete the whole thing from one end to the other.

The trail (also known as The Great Trail) is the longest recreational trail in the world and currently connects 91% of the country. The terrain throughout Canada is as diverse as the landscape and the people. It travels through urban, rural and wild landscapes and some of it can be traveled by water. If you want a true appreciation for Canadian nature, the Great Trail is the place to be.

Asked about favorite sights she said, ‘It’s not single moments that stand out, but the everydayness of it. Going to bed in a different place every night, walking under the stars on some nights, waking up to a sunrise. It’s been a lot of the people I’ve met too. I think that’s been the highlight.’

And the biggest challenge? The Manitoban ticks. Yeah, those guys can be nasty. Thankfully, they were the worst wildlife she ran into on her trek. No angry bears or hungry wolves to contend with.

See some of her photographs…


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