Winter Middle Tennessee hikes offer stark beauty and some good exercise too

Lots of people think the primo Middle Tennessee hiking is in the fall with all of the color of the changing leaves. Or maybe in the spring when the trees are starting to leaf out with their new growth.

But there is a lot to be said for a winter hike too, according to state naturalist Randy Hedgepath, who says winter walks can offer some stark beauty and a few other advantages too.

“A walk in a forest can perk you right up and there are several other advantages to walking outside in the winter. There are few if any bugs to bother you and the crowds of other people are few as well.

“The winter woods hold surprises for you to discover,” he said. The scenery is open and many details of the land are visible. Some may think that winter is all brown and grey but evergreens and rocks add bits of color. Cool temperatures make strenuous walking more pleasant and very cold temperatures give you beautiful ice formations.”

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