Your National Park Guide to Hiking in the Winter

National parks in some parts of the country are already locked under snow and ice, and many more soon will be. Your chance to enjoy the outdoors doesn’t end with the arrival of cold weather, though. Winter offers a unique opportunity to experience your national parks, so consider this your national park guide to winter hiking.

The landscapes of many national parks are simply stunning in winter, offering spectacular views and an unmatched sense of solitude. That being said, there are also risks. In winter, all the perils that come with an ordinary hiking trip are amplified, from difficult terrain to severe weather exposure. The chances of becoming lost are greater when trails are covered in snow, and rescue is likely to take longer.

Don’t let the difficulties of winter hiking discourage you, but be prepared and take all necessary precautions. Know the trail before you go, never hike alone, and pack all the supplies you’ll need for a variety of conditions. A well-planned winter hike could easily be the best adventure of the year.

Many parks across the country offer excellent winter hiking opportunities and during a very special time of year. Not only are you likely to encounter fewer people, but you’re also likely to get a special glimpse of wildlife. Look for outstanding trails in your national parks during the colder months.

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