Taking a hike has many implications

The phrase “Take a Hike” no longer carries the same connotation as it did when you were young and your older siblings just wanted you to make a quick, and extensive, exit. It was defined simply as: buzz off.

Today, that hiking expression more often means you have received an open invitation to explore a park, discover what is around the next bend, work on your cardio exercise program, and enjoy the outdoors.

While taking a hike is a sound venture on just about any day, on Nov. 17, 2019 the U.S. marks its official “National Take a Hike Day”.

“Take a Hike Day” seems like a very sound addition, and it has significantly more health benefits than Key Lime Pie Day (Sept. 26), National Sausage Pizza Day (Oct. 11), or National Moonshine Day (June 5). So take a hike on Nov. 17, and any and every other day where the schedule and the meteorology allows.

For more information on Take a Hike Day, and a list of many hiking options, visit the nationaltoday.com/national-take-a-hike-day/ website.



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