How to get away from it all on Hong Kong’s longest country trail

Head to Lantau’s southeast to tackle the 18.5 km Chi Ma Wan Country Trail for secluded bays, sweeping panoramas and scattered hamlets along deserted paths.

If you’re heading to Lantau Island for a wild outing, the chances are you’ll be bound for the central hills – to climb either Sunset or Lantau peak, or both – or aiming to stride along nearby stretches of the Lantau Trail. But to the island’s southeast, there’s another area that’s easily overlooked, yet can make for a fine day outing: the Chi Ma Wan (Sesame Bay) Peninsula. The landscape is fashioned from a mass of granite, forming a hilly interior and coastal headlands between small bays.

The Chi Ma Wan Country Trail, at 18.5km, is the longest country trail in Hong Kong. It starts in the north and makes a looping circuit above shorelines and up and over the peninsula’s highest point, Lo Yan Shan. Although it takes eight hours or more to complete the circuit, there are options for following shorter routes.

Although you could explore the peninsula without getting higher or more challenging than hillside contour trails, doing so would mean missing out on the best parts: Lo Yan Shan and the nearby craggy hilltop. At 303 metres, Lo Yan Shan – Old Man Mountain – is the highest point on the peninsula. It affords fine views over the sea east of Lantau, with Hei Ling Chau in the foreground and Peng Chau beyond.

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