Here’s the top reason unprepared hikers need to be rescued

  A hiker found herself in the dark, alone and lost for a second night in a row. She lacked a basic, fairly cheap piece of equipment: a headlamp.

The night before, New York forest rangers found her in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks after she called 911, escorted her out and gave her some friendly advice:

A headlamp would have saved her — and the rangers — a lot of trouble.

But that advice went unheeded, and there they were again earlier this fall hiking season rescuing the same woman for the second day in a row.

Forest rangers say that not having a headlamp is among the most common mistakes they encounter when they are rescuing hikers in the Adirondacks and on other trails in the state.

But it’s not the only problem. Too often, hikers are simply unprepared for the rigors of the outdoors. Part of the problem stems from a false sense of security, rangers say.

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