Help with packing the perfect hiking bag for every adventure

Knowing what to bring with you on a hiking adventure can be daunting, because there are so many factors that might influence what you should pack and such a variety of products to choose from.

Beginners may find the process of matching a walk in the woods with the right gear overwhelming at first, but even an expert might be daunted when preparing for a hike that is longer, colder, dryer, wetter, higher or faster than they’ve experienced before.

US website Bugaboo is trying to make the process of selecting backpacking gear easier by enabling hikers to find, build, and share gear lists for their next adventure.

“The problem is that dozens of factors influence what you should and shouldn’t bring with you on the trail,” it says. “Season, elevation, wildlife, terrain, climate, daylight hours, not to mention your own personal interests and objectives. A traverse of the Pacific Crest Trail in winter requires vastly different gear than a weekend in the Smokies with young children. It doesn’t help that there are a thousand products to choose from in nearly every gear category.”

Each hiker creates gear lists based on their own experiences on the Bugaboo site and then shares those lists with the community. So if you’re getting ready to go backpacking for the first time or going to a new area, you can find gear lists from people who’ve been there and done that.



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