Hiking Mississippi’s Scenic Trails

Searching for the best places in Mississippi for hiking and camping? A University of Mississippi staff member knows exactly where to find the best trails.

Shannon Richardson, assistant director of campus recreation, has been supervising Ole Miss Outdoors for the past 14 years. Through her position, the Oakwood, Georgia, native has been on countless Mississippi trails.

“My parents were avid campers and hikers, and I grew up going to state and national parks and other natural areas,” Richardson said. “I’ve hiked trails from the Grand Canyon to the Appalachian Trail. My love for the outdoors continued through my undergraduate years at the University of North Georgia, located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.”

What are the criteria Richardson uses in selecting hiking trails?

“I look for trails that are challenging, but enjoyable with beautiful scenery,” she said. “A ‘wow factor,’ like a peak or waterfall, is also a great perk.

“I like publicly managed lands best because the trails are maintained, it is safer and hiking on them leaves less impact on the environment than hiking on private or unmarked lands.”

For everyone from beginning to veteran hikers, Richardson offers some tips for those interested in taking the trails.

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