Maptia 2.0: Expand Your World

Writers, photographers, storytellers — gather your lenses, unsheathe your pens — today Maptia 2.0 is launching.

Come and join this global community of creative individuals who love to explore new cultures and new places, who care about the environment, and who believe that thoughtful storytelling can make a tangible, positive impact in the world.

Maptia is a place to publish our most thoughtful and inspiring stories about the world around us. Stories about the places we call home, stories about the places closest to our hearts, stories about the places we have travelled. Stories about lives utterly different from our own, and stories about the people and places who need our help and support to thrive.

Together with our community, we are on a mission to gather an ever-growing, shared record of our diverse lives and experiences from every single place on the planet — one that inspires us to get out there and to make the most of our time on Earth.

Meanderthals is a Maptia founding storyteller, participating in the development of the original Maptia over the previous years. The Meanderthals storytelling page can be found here. With this launch of Maptia 2.0 all the capabilities and opportunities to share are now available to you as well. Why not join this group of passionate storytellers for a quest to gather tales from far-flung corners of the globe?


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