What are the Best Restaurants on the Appalachian Trail?

From the perspective of a thru-hiker, there are few things that matter more than the meals to be devoured upon reaching the next town. After a few consecutive days of cold tuna, ramen, and beef jerky, hikers’ dreams are infiltrated with visions of bacon cheeseburgers, pepperoni pizzas, and Ben and Jerry’s.

When you’re few hundred miles south of Catawba, you start hearing the legend of The Homeplace. The vivid imagery painted by fellow hikers (many of whom haven’t even been there) caused your mind to go single-track in the direction of this southern style, old-fashioned restaurant. Many adjust their pace to assure you reach it during open hours. Needless to say, it will be one of your better decisions.

There are great restaurants along the entire length of the AT, but which ones can’t be missed?

See some here…


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