Resupplying and Accessing Towns Along the Appalachian Trail

Resupplying on the Appalachian Trail is easier then you might think. While the heart of the AT takes you through the Appalachian mountains and there are certainly remote parts of the trail, it also takes you within practical distances from dozens of towns and communities along the way.

The AT takes hikers within reach of a town every three to seven days on average. These towns naturally serve as useful resupply points for tangible goods such as food and gear, but they are also helpful for restoring your physical energy and mental fortitude.

Of course, it isn’t always necessary to go into town to resupply. Sometimes you’ll be able to achieve a successful resupply at a random gas station at a crossroads. Some hostels stock basic supplies.

Towns tend to be more reliable and offer a greater variety. That being said, all towns are not created equal when it comes to resupply. The quality and distance to grocery stores will vary from town to town and don’t expect every town to have an outfitter to satisfy your gear needs.

This is where a guidebook can serve you well, as it offers maps of popular towns listing relevant local businesses for hikers.

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