Guide to Hiking the Art Loeb Trail in One Weekend

  If you are looking for a solid prep hike for the Appalachian Trail or just want to hike one of National Geographic Adventure’s top North American hikes, look no further than the Art Loeb Trail near Brevard, NC.

Rather than a loop trail, the Art Loeb Trail runs northbound for 30 miles from the Davidson River Campground to the Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp. The hike ranges from climbing up incredibly hilly terrain in the green tunnel to walking along ridgelines. The trail is no walk in the park, with trail section ratings ranging from difficult to most difficult. While the Art Loeb Trail is challenging, it is doable to complete in a weekend, if so desired.

No surprise; you can hike the Art Loeb Trail northbound or southbound. Some people believe the northbound direction is much hillier, and thus choose to hike southbound. Either way, you are going to encounter some climbing. Northbound is a bit more challenging.

Because the trail is not a loop, you will either need to take two cars and park at both trailheads, which are an hour drive apart, or use a shuttle service or guide service, which ranges from $75 to $125, depending on the company. Keep in mind that depending on which option you choose, it will either add time or cost to your trip.

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