Halloween at Max Patch – A Photo Essay

Few places in the Southern Appalachians are more scenic than Max Patch along the Appalachian Trail on the state line between North Carolina and Tennessee. Even more so when the magic of Fall coloring surrounds the mountaintop.

You can see my complete trail report for Max Patch and Buckeye Ridge, and learn about an unexpected adventure I had a few years ago on my first visit. This time, rather than going straight up to the top, I took the path that goes around the mountain, then ascends the Summit Trail from the west side. It takes a little longer, but offers a different perspective of the terrain.

I couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather. It was bright and sunny with wispy white clouds. A breeze on the summit helped to keep the air clear and provide very long distance viewing, an always desirable condition when standing on the top of a bald mountain with 360° views. The wind was enough to support a kite that was high-flying from one of the kids that must have been playing hooky. I don’t think Halloween is a school holiday, is it?

Among the 50 other sightseers that climbed Max Patch along with me, I didn’t see anyone in costume, but the forest was dressed in autumn’s finest. The trees along Scenic Byway 209 and the backcountry roads on the way were displaying bright hues. Those closer to the top were perhaps 2-3 days beyond peak. Still, it was a delightful visit to Max Patch. It always is. See what you think.



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