Just Another Day at Stunning Roan Highlands – A Photo Essay

Ho. Hum. Just another day at Roan Highlands. Now, obviously I’m being facetious. Roan Highlands is probably my favorite place to go in all of Western North Carolina, especially in mid-June when it is catawba rhododendron and flame azalea time.

It’s exciting to hike on the iconic Appalachian Trail, the views of Tennessee and North Carolina on either side of the ridge are among the best you will find anywhere, and the flowers are, to put it mildly, simply gorgeous.

This visit was on June 15, 2017. I arrived at 6:45AM with bad weather expected to approach around noon. I managed to get all of the hike along Grassy Ridge in before the weather started moving in. You will notice in the following gallery that I enjoyed bright blue sky on the way out with fog and overcast on the way back. Weather can change in a hurry in the high country, so always know before you go.

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  1. Just wonderful Jeff. Best shots I’ve ever seen of the Flame Azaleas. Love the fog in the valley. This place is truly Heaven on Earth. Thank you…. Vann https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/779ed8d20299ecd31f422e6af10c7feba78050582d3c34cd942f6488282d95b7.jpg

  2. Zachary Robbins

    The flame azaleas were looking great!

  3. Robyn Lay

    Amazing photographs! I wish I could ride my horse there!! Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lisa Jacqueline Tucker

    Thank you for these wonderful pics! I wish the area was pet friendly. My hiking buddies are 2 doodle dogs. 🙂

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