Group hopes European style hiking in Cape Breton will draw in tourists

A group hoping to build a wilderness hiking trail in northern Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has now laid out its route.

The Seawall Trail Society has just completed a proposed trail development plan, which would see the trail run for about 50 km from Red River, near Pleasant Bay, to Meat Cove, hugging the coastline most of the way.

“It’s pretty epic,” said member Dave Williams. “One thing you want to aim for in an amazing hike is a large variance in terrain and scenery. And this trail has it all.”

The proposed route includes beaches, old growth forest, semi-arctic tundra, mountain scree and grassy fields. But what really sets it apart is the combination of elevation and coastline, he said.

“You’re walking along very high cliffs, right at the ocean’s edge. And for 180 degrees, all you see it water.”

In exchange for those vistas, hikers will pay the price of some steeps ascents and descents — with elevations ranging from sea level to 450 meters.

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