10 (Truly) Hidden National Park Gems

The wonders of the National Park System don’t generally play hard to get. Want to see the Grand Canyon? It might be a haul to get to the park, but it will be hard to miss once you’re there.

Some park jewels, however, are simply out of reach for almost every visitor. The reasons for this are multiple. In some cases, the Park Service consciously keeps the location of natural treasures secret to protect them from potential vandalism.

Historical structures may be hard to get to because they’re in remote areas or underwater. Some of the parks’ iconic animals will do all they can to avoid visitors. And a couple of park sites are reserved for the person holding the country’s highest office and his illustrious guests.

Many of the national parks’ wonders are out in plain sight, but some are nearly impossible to see.

Here are 10 of those frustratingly out-of-reach attractions as well as easier-to-get-to alternatives.


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