Bumblebee Has Officially Been Added To The Ever-Growing List Of Endangered Species

It’s official, the bumblebee has been added to the ever-growing list of endangered species along with the grizzly bear, the northern spotted owl, the gray wolf, and about 700 other animal species which are extinct. Once abundant in the grasslands and prairies of the East and Midwest, the rusty-patched bee has now been restricted to protections in the continental US as its population keeps dwindling at an alarming rate.

It has been estimated that 95% of bumblebees now only exist in isolated pockets in twelve states and the province of Ontario, Canada.

It took much longer than expected to put this bee onto the list of endangered species list due to the tossing and turning in Trump’s administration. The original listing date was set for February 10, 2018, but it was not until June 27 that it was listed.

Human encroachment led to the subsequent loss of their natural habitat which played a significant role in the bee’s declining population. The classification will foster the conservation of tall grasses and protection of grasslands where the bumblebee and other pollinators naturally thrive.

Although the move has been welcomed, there is a chance the designation of bumble bees as an endangered species might not sit well with several industries and corporations. The move might, therefore, face a lot of challenges.

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