These are the most Instagram-worthy waterfall hikes in all 50 states

There are times when the treadmill or stairclimber comes in handy, but Mother Nature is really the ultimate gym. Hiking not only provides epic Insta opportunities, but leaves you feeling accomplished, refreshed, and more motivated to conquer whatever life throws your way (including, you know, poison ivy or bears). And nothing makes a hike feel more magical than turning the corner and finding a grand—or secret—waterfall.

Some places are more blessed in the water feature department than others, but no matter where you live, there are views to be had.

Rounded up here are the best waterfall hikes in all 50 states, including need-to-know details like how much of a workout you can expect. (It’s way better to know what you’re getting yourself into before you hit the trail, not five miles in). Keep in mind that everyone’s opinions about best are subjective, so simply accept this as a list of places you may want to go.

Your next fitness adventure begins right here…


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