You’ve Never Seen National Parks Looking Like This Before

The world’s national parks are a unique natural resource. Not only for their biological diversity but also for their beauty and accessibility – many are otherworldly, an environment alien to our everyday but close enough to travel to with relative ease.

Every park is different too. So whether you’re looking to explore waterfalls or lakes, jungles or deserts, glaciers or mountaintops, there’s a national park to showcase them in all their natural wonder.

To stoke the fires of your inspiration, has done something a little different and created a series of extraordinary 3D topographical maps for some of the most popular parks in the world.

Zion National Park’s 148,000 acres should give you plenty of options. Whether that’s carving trails through verdant forests, strolling lazy rivers or climbing unimaginably spectacular rock formations formed and eroded over 270 million years into a landscape like no other.

Like much of its native New Zealand, Fiordland National Park is one of the most eye-wateringly beautiful places on Earth. Set in the south of South Island, Fiordland, as its name suggests, is a vast tangle of naturally carved waterways – deep deep fjords, pristine icy lakes and steep sided valleys culminating in snow capped mountain tops.

See the 3d relief maps here…


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